About Us

Hi, we’re Alex and Jon, founders of Shutter/Speed.

We met as passionate photographers deeply involved in NYC's photography scene. Our journey began with creating tools to help out our friends in the photography community, and evolved into Shutter/Speed — a platform that simplifies the process of building an online business as an artist. Our mission is to support artists, our friends and our community in their creative endeavors.

Join our community and easily share your art with the world.

Alex Zarnoski

Hello. I'm Alex, co-founder of Shutter Speed Platforms. I am a photographer (@ajazz16, @ajazzprints), a video artist (@salinorshow), a television post production professional (IMDB), and sometimes a silly musician (@salinorband). I enjoy making very crappy comics (@_crappycomics), and indulging in the art-form that I call street foodtography (@unforchfoods). I enjoy making zines and recently, I've helped run a few zine workshops at the Brooklyn Public Library. I'm a participant and organizer of @nycphotostroll where photographers gather together in NYC to explore the city, take photos, and participate together in community workshops and events. Primarily, I love documenting the streets of NYC where I blend street photography and reportage. Photography has the ability to bring people and communities together, and it's one of the reasons why I love it so much and will continue to help find ways to support this community.

Jon Bilous

Jon Bilous has been photographing small towns, big cities, and landscapes across America for over ten years. He specializes in creating images of architecture, street scenes, and retro Americana. Originally from Pennsylvania, he is now based in New York City.